The Bachelor‘s Corinne Can’t Make Her Own Cheese Pasta, But Here’s The Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Corinne Olympios does a lot of The Bachelor. She schemes. She strips. She sleeps. She kisses. She drinks. She gossips. But one thing she can't quite do on her own? Cook cheese pasta. The Bachelor contestant gave Us Weekly the great, great honor of sharing her favorite cheese pasta recipe, which can only be properly made by her much-disputed nanny, Raquel. "Cheese pasta is my number-one comfort food,” she tells the site. "I eat it when I’m sad or when I’m sick or just want to cheat my diet a bit. It’s my weakness." You and me both, girl! The good news is that the recipe is as complex as the 24-year-old herself. There are four ingredients: pasta, cheese, water, and a little salt. We're breaking it down exactly how to make Corinne's Cheese Pasta, because not all of us have Raquels in our lives. 1. Boil pasta for 10 minutes with some salt in the water.

What kind of pasta? Idk just, like, not a lot! This is a cheat meal, goddammit. 2. Strain the water.

Done. 3. Add the pasta BACK to the same pot on low heat.

Nice, we're saving pots. Good call, Corn.

4. Add a lot of shredded cheese.

But what kind of cheese?
Oh my god. Literally any kind of cheese. Just use "a lot." 5. Mix until all the cheese melts.

Okay, so I am just mixing random noodles with whatever cheese I have laying around... Yes! Exactly.

But this looks like macaroni and cheese. This is just macaroni and cheese.

NO! IT. IS. CHEESE. PASTA. NOW EAT IT. RAQUEL WILL BE MAD IF YOU DON'T. Corinne's first cookbook comes out March 2017. Just kidding.

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