Kim Kardashian's Tennis Lesson Photo With North Is Too Much To Handle

Kim Kardashian knows better than anyone that a picture is worth a thousands words — this is the genius behind Selfish, after all — so when she dropped this adorable photo on Twitter earlier today, she had to know the internet would kind of lose it. Simply captioned "Tennis Time," the photo shows the mother walking on a tennis court with her daughter, North West.
Let's dissect. North is wearing a little tennis dress and hat, looking like a pro as she struts in the sun. Kim is wearing a typical all-black ensemble, complete with high heeled boots. Only this fashion mogul could pull off something so impractical on the court. Her long hair sways in the breeze as she holds a tennis racket. Behind them, you might be able to spot multiple tennis balls, proving that the 3-year-old has been serving up a storm.
This photo just proves what we already knew: the mother-daughter duo is inseparable. When they're not chilling out at home or battling on the court, they're going to photoshoots together and snuggling behind the scenes. And when the two make public appearances, they often decide to match. It's safe to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
We're glad North is getting into sports, because she's proven in the past to be quite an energetic handful. Earlier this month, Kim left the toddler alone for a few minutes and she ended up covering her room in purple paint.
"I go downstairs to get something for her brother for two seconds and she paints her room purple with nail polish," Kardashian says in a snapchat video she posted documenting the scene. When it came to cleaning it up, North decided to instead over the floor in paper towels.
This creativity will probably come in handy on the court.

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