Priyanka Chopra & Chrissy Teigen Were Ridiculous Backstage At The Oscars

A lot went down at the 2017 Academy Awards on Sunday night. There was Sunny Pawar's ridiculous cuteness. There were magical parachutes of candy. There were fiery speeches from the likes of Viola Davis. There were failed attempts at humor from host Jimmy Kimmel. There was Gary from Chicago. And there was a minor snafu at the end of the night — you know, the one in which it was mistakenly announced that La La Land won over Moonlight.
But Chrissy Teigen, Priyanka Chopra, and Kelly Ripa couldn't have seemed to care less about whatever the hell was going on out there. They were having too much fun of their own backstage.
On Monday, Chopra shared a funny segment from Live! With Kelly. It's a clip of the shenanigans that went down when Chopra and Teigen tried their hand at Ripa's gig backstage during the show. "Chrissy and Priyanka have always wanted to take my job, so we're going to test them out," Ripa explains. The dynamic duo's hilarious, scattershot attempt at being backstage correspondents may not be winning them any talk show offers. But damn were they having a good time.
Based on the giggling and general confusion of Teigen and Chopra (who is usually so composed), we're going to go ahead and assume a trace amount of bubbly may have been involved. And both ladies seem like the kind of gals we'd love to go out with.
The trio talk about their "hall passes," which is confusing until you realize they mean "free passes," i.e. the person your significant other would theoretically let you sleep with should the occasion arise. "My hall pass is Quinn from Homeland," revealed Teigen in between sucking on her ring-pop. (She's talking about British actor Rupert Friend: good choice, Chrissy.)
They want to ask a fellow celeb the question in an impromptu interview, so they grab Jennifer Aniston, who plays along with her tipsy interviewers (But doesn't actually end up answering, damn!)
All in all, the job may be best left to Ripa, while Teigen and Chopra will probably go back to just answering the questions. "Hosting a talk show isn't easy," Chopra admits, before she and Ripa down shots. So yeah, that's what was going on backstage at the Oscars last night.
Enjoy the funny video for yourself. (The audio-syncing of the video Chopra posted is off, so watch a better version of the same clip below.)

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