From Meryl Streep To Ryan Gosling, We Ranked The Best Reactions To The Oscars Flub

The Oscars started out with a cheerful song and dance number by everyone's favorite former boy band member, Justin Timberlake, and ended with a twist straight out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. For those that didn't stay up late enough to see the greatest and most confusing moment in the history of the Academy Awards, veteran actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were handed the wrong envelope when announcing Best Picture. As a result, the cast and team for La La Land hopped up onstage, thinking they had won the ultimate prize. But really, a perfect little $1.5 million dollar film Moonlight was the actual winner. What follower was complete and utter chaos — warranted and welcome chaos as Moonlight no doubt deserved the historic win, but chaos nonetheless.
The only way to fully appreciate the wave of perplexity that washed over the audience and those on stage is to study the pictures taken during the exact revelation that the wrong movie had been read. The expressions of the A-list attendees ranged from bewilderment, to gratitude, to just "huh?" For one long moment, the Dolby Theater gave us the most unfiltered look at our favorite actors as immortalized by photos of their hilarious facial expressions. Since this is an awards show, what better way to look at the candid reactions then to rank the calmest to the wildest reactions during the Oscar gaffe.

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