The Hidden Irony Of Karlie Kloss' ACLU Ribbon

Photo: Ian West/PA Images/Getty Images.
This awards season, a number of celebrities have been using the red carpet to make political statements. The idea is to take advantage of the opportunity to spread an important message when all eyes are on you. That's what several A-listers at the 2017 Oscars did by wearing a "Stand With ACLU" ribbon to show their support for the American Civil Liberties Union, including Loving star Ruth Negga, Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, and supermodel Karlie Kloss.
There's a special irony, however, to Kloss' decision to wear the ribbon. Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner since 2013. The businessman is the brother of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law and right-hand man. He's even become a senior adviser to the president, meaning he works closely with him in shaping White House policy on a daily basis. He's also spoken fondly of his father-in-law.
The ACLU has been seeing a surge in donations and public support in recent weeks thanks to Donald Trump's travel ban, which targets citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. (In the weekend following the ban's enactment, the ACLU raised over $24 million from over 350,000 donations. So the fact that Kloss is proudly supporting an organization currently working on behalf of immigrants and foreign passport-holders targeted by Trump's executive order is very interesting.
According to a press release from the organization, "This symbol of solidarity with the ACLU acknowledges the commitment of those on the front lines – in the courts, legislatures and in the streets – who are working to ensure that our precious freedoms and values are preserved." Way to go, Karlie.

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