Mandy Moore Clears Up Confusion: She Wasn't In La La Land & Is “The Worst Dancer”

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images.
Yes, Mandy Moore choreographed La La Land. But no, we are not referring to the actress that catapulted back into the spotlight this last year thanks to her leading role opposite Milo Ventimiglia on the emotional gut-punch of a show that is This Is Us. Mandy Moore did her best to clear up the apparently all-too-common misconception during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night.
"You liked my choreography?" she asked Fallon laughingly when the late night host told her he saw her name in the La La Land credits. "There is, in fact, another Mandy Moore out there, and she is a dynamite choreographer," Moore the actress quickly clarified before assuring her host that he was not the first to succumb to such confusion. In fact, when Moore the choreographer, who yes, taught Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to tapdance, was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work on Dancing With The Stars, Moore the actress received congratulatory emails from understandably mistaken well wishers.
The Moore we know and love as Rebecca (well, maybe all of us don't love Rebecca all of the time) finds the idea of herself as a choreographer quite comical, in fact, due to her self-proclaimed lack of dance skills. "I am the worst dancer, which is the irony here," she admitted. When Fallon kindly protested, she quickly offered evidence: "Anybody who watched my music video when I was 15, for 'Candy,' can see that I am the worst dancer!" (Other things you can see in the now classic music video? A veritable parade of dancing crop tops and cargo pants. It's an amazing time capsule.)
Way to have a sense of humor about yourself, Moore. We wish your name-twin good luck at the Oscars.

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