Milo Ventimiglia's Co-Stars Don't Recognize Him Sans Facial Hair

Milo Ventimiglia shaved his facial hair. Normally, shaving wouldn't count as news. Many people of all genders shave all the time. It's, like, right up there with coffee as something that people do every day. But Milo Ventimiglia's facial hair was different. Milo Ventimiglia's facial hair was inextricably linked to his role as Jack on This is Us. Now, Jack remains but the beard-mustache kit has left Milo Ventimiglia's face.

Weird, right? His co-stars agree.

“The funny thing is, they got so used to the mustache that now I walk around with no mustache and they don’t recognize me anymore,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “So I got a couple days of anonymity, which is nice.”

Mandy Moore, especially, was floored.

“We have like a gigantic cast text chain, and we’re like, Who is that young man?!” Moore told PeopleStyle. “My first reaction was, like, I don’t know that person! That is not my husband, that is not the person I fell in love with! I mean it’s Milo and he’s gorgeous and he can pull off anything, but I like a man rocking a little facial hair myself – [that’s] my preference.”

Damn, Mandy is really gonna do Milo like that. Milo, we'd like to say that we think you look wonderful with or without facial hair. Don't let mean Mandy Moore bully you into growing your hair a certain way.

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