This Is The Dating Deal-Breaker That's Dividing All Of Us

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
From bad TV taste to annoying pet peeves, we all have our relationship deal-breakers. But now, there's a dating deal-breaker that has divided nearly all of us: Donald Trump. Hate him or love him, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have an opinion, and it's showing in our dating lives.
According to data from OkCupid, daters' views on Trump, whether positive or negative, were considered a major deal-breaker amongst singles who are considering their potential matches. Last week, OkCupid released a new set of questions relating to issues that we're all talking about right now. Amongst the topics were the immigration ban, golden showers, and of course, Trump himself. And while the dating app reported that topics are marked as "important" by at least half of users who reply, 3/4ths of users rated these three topics as being essential to answer when seeking a match.
Upon simply asking, "Trump?" and giving a selection of responses, OkCupid found that 74% of users responded, "Hell no," 4% said "Hell yes," and the more muted responses of "yes" and "no" came in at 15% and 7% respectively.
While OkCupid has always had more liberal users, the discrepancy is pretty big. However, Trump was a deal-breaker for everyone, not just for more progressive users. Across party lines and genders, an overwhelming amount of people reported that a potential match's thoughts on the president were important to them.
Not only that, Trump and the new political issues coming to light in his administration were ranked as more important deal-breakers than more typical ones, such as smoking.
Some other findings?
Climate change was also a hot-button issue for everyone, with 81% of people saying that how a potential date responds to this issue is important.
And while Trump may be a deal-breaker, golden showers were not. Apparently, users were more likely to try out golden showers than to support Trump.
If you still had any doubts about whether or not politics really affects your life, here's proof that it may be more permeating than you think.

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