Nearly A Third Of Millennials Consider Bad TV Taste A Dating Dealbreaker

From annoying habits to bad sex, we all have our dating dealbreakers. But many millennials have a very specific one: incompatible television taste. According to a recent survey by Propeller Insights and Xfinity released to TheWrap, 30 percent of single Millennials have rejected someone solely because of their viewing habits. The survey asked 1,935 adults ages 25-49 all about TV and dating. Two-thirds of respondents, including three-fourths of Millennials, said watching TV together had strengthened their relationships. So, maybe there's a good reason we're so selective about what our dates watch. We don't want to have to watch Game of Thrones in the other room while they're busy catching up on Jessica Jones. In fact, maybe "Netflix and Chill" serves a double purpose. It's only once we've figured out someone's Neflix habits that we can decide if they're truly chill-worthy.
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