Corinne Took Nick on A $3,400 Shopping Spree On The Bachelor — Here’s Why It Matters

Photo: Courtesy of The Bachelor.
In case you're behind on The Bachelor this season, the latest episode revolved around hometown dates on the latest episode, which is arguably the pinnacle of the story arc each season. It's the final, fleeting moments before everything gets too serious. The dates panned out just as we would've expected: Raven Gates was adorable, while Rachel Lindsay took Nick to church. We also found out that Vanessa Grimaldi’s parents are protective of their daughter, and we met Corinne Olympios' nanny, Raquel. While Raquel’s introduction was a magical experience for the entirety of #BachelorNation, the highlight of Corinne's hometown date was when she brought Nick to her safe space: the mall. Not only did she bring him to the mall; she brought him to a very chi-chi boutique (Tomas Maier) and proceeded to buy him a new look. And it wasn't just any old getup. It was a $3,423 outfit, which is easily more than two whole months' worth of rent (if not more) for most of us. After we finished picking our jaws off the floor and thinking about everything we could do with that chunk of change, we pondered the ramifications of Corinne's purchases. First off, it clearly made Nick very uncomfortable. Considering that this shopping spree probably cost more than The Bachelor's production costs for on-camera food all season (seriously, WHEN does everyone eat?!), we can't blame him. The scene highlighted the archaic, sometimes-wacky way The Bachelor depicts relationships. It's well-documented how much the contestants spend to get ready for the show, but we’ve never seen a contestant blow this much cash on The Bachelor (let alone any cash at all). This show often seems like an all-expenses-paid vacation situation, and Corinne took that formula and flipped the script (as she's done in past episodes) with her shopping spree. But at the end of the day, money can't buy love. On one hand, props to Corinne: She's a successful businesswoman, and she can spend her money on whatever she wants. But does that mean she’s going to change Nick into a spiffy Miami businessman who's deeply in love with her, in a few purchases? Probably not. Still, this date perfectly encapsulates everything appealing about Corinne (even if she is this season's villain): She has the ultimate DGAF attitude, and she certainly does (and goes after) what she wants.

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