Good News For Peplum Fans...

In case you thought (or hoped, or pleaded) that the peplum was dead, Ukranian-born Natasha Zinko — a design maven who's somehow able to predict the success of a piece of clothing off the runway (perhaps because she's a street style star in her own right) — perhaps has something different in mind.

On Sunday, Zinko presented her fall/winter 2017 collection, which felt a little bit Barbie, a little bit vintage Chanel, and a little bit '80s jazzercise with its very Pretty Woman tailored overcoats (worn with sneakers), one-shouldered knits with ruffled necklines, and patent trousers, dresses, mini skirts, and belts. Buttons were extra-large and round, fabrics were quilted and polka dotted, and zip-ups and blazers were cropped.

Then, there were the peplums: Actual, attached peplums (sitting on the hips of loose-fitting, pastel-colored trousers), and ones that were created via inventive layering and styling: mini skirts over dresses, running shorts over black leggings. It was weird, yes; not conventional or, frankly, practical by any means. But it was weird in a cool, makes-you-think-about-fashion-in-a-new-light kind of way; a way that particularly stands out given the lack of "wow"-worthy collections we've seen come out of both New York and London thus far. And if a peplum, one of the most basic, seemingly "uncool" pieces, is what initiates that little twinkle in our style eye, then, well, let's just say it must be one pretty damn good peplum.

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