Zoë Kravitz Has The Most L.A. Dating Horror Story

Zoë Kravitz, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote her new show with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies. And during that appearance, she told one of the most stereotypical LA dating stories we've ever heard.
As she tells it, she goes on a date with a guy who is definitely not Jake Gyllenhaal, and it goes very well. He calls the next day, not to ask her out again, but to ask if she'll watch his little turtle Gary for a few days while he's out of town. She says yes, and he drops off a 30-pound African turtle and a bag of dog food.
Fast forward to a month later, and the guy still hasn't retrieved his turtle, who has become a neighborhood mascot, and Kravitz sees the guy again. She goes over to his house, and after noticing it is dirty and has not outdoor space, announces she has to go home to feed HER turtle, Gary.
The story ends with Kravitz explaining they kept Gary for the summer and then donated him to a turtle sanctuary where he is very happy.
Only in LA would a guy leave a turtle with an almost stranger and only in LA would that almost stranger take the turtle in the first place. An NYC woman would shut that down and offer the names of some pet sitter. We're not sure we know any Midwesterners who would deal with a turtle in the first place. We do know some women in Louisiana who might eat the turtle, to be honest.
Before telling her made-for-the-talk-show-circuit story, Kravitz celebrated Fallon's third anniversary hosting the show with a surprise appearance from her famous father, Lenny Kravitz. The elder Kravitz casually walked on the set with dark and stormy cocktails for Fallon, fellow guest Joel McHale, and Fallon. Cheers to cool dads.

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