Ellen DeGeneres Has A Coachella Outfit Challenge For Festival Queen Vanessa Hudgens

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
Vanessa Hudgens lives for festival season. We know this not only because she's a celeb we spot, without fail at Coachella year after year, but also because she's the single-most dedicated (and persistent) ambassador for "festival fashion": tattered denim shorts, knit crop tops, ill-advised accessorizing — the works. Although she's expressed a desire to step away from her title of reigning Queen of Coachella, Hudgens is indeed going to Indio in April. (After all, who wants to miss Beyoncé headline with the two most highly-anticipated guests of 2017?) This year, though, she may be approaching her festival wardrobe a little differently, thanks to a challenge from Ellen DeGeneres.

On a recent appearance on Ellen, Hudgens was asked about the "outrageous outfits" she tends to wear to Coachella and related festivals — which she quickly defended as not outrageous, but rather "bohemian." The actress explained that she likes this type of event "because it gives you an excuse to wear things you wouldn't normally wear." With that in mind, DeGeneres proposed a challenge for the 2017 season, inspired by the fact that Hudgens is photographed probably more than the average festival-goer because of her style sensibilities: "I'm going to give you an outfit, and if you wear this and it ends up" featured prominently on a magazine, the host explained, "I'll give you $10,000 for the charity of your choice."

The ensemble in question consists of a red floppy hat decorated with faux florals; denim shorts; an Ellen-branded T-shirt, choker, and belt; and a flow-y kimono-style jacket (also floral) with the hashtag #coachellen on the back. "I'm going to be 'Ellen'-d out," Hudgens said of the look.

Hey, Hudgens did immediately put on the hat as DeGeneres walked her through all the elements of the proposed Coachella outfit. So, she did respond to the aesthetic — and with $10,000 of charity money on the table, how can you say no? We'll be paying closer attention than usual to Coachella street style this year to see if Hudgens follows through with her #coachellenOOTD.

Watch the full interview, below.

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