These Hilarious Google Searches Since The Election Are The Relief You Need

Finding humor in our current political climate isn't easy. The actions Trump has taken during his first two weeks in office are not exactly a laughing matter. But what we can laugh about are the things people have been googling since he was elected President — or at any point, really. Because those are always funny. Using Google Trends data, Real estate site Estately analyzed the political terms people in each state were googling more than other states since the election. The results offer a troubling but nevertheless entertaining snapshot of these past few months. People in Illinois are searching for "Martin Shkreli dog poop," referencing a UC Davis student who protested the pharma bro's appearance at the school by throwing actual dog feces. Oregonians and North Carolinans are more interested in another act of revenge: the punch delivered to alt-righter Richard Spencer. People in Louisiana are looking for information about "Trump anxiety," and we get it. So does Washington, apparently: They're thinking about a "West Coast secession." Californians are googling "What did Trump do now?" So they must be having trouble keeping up with the news. And with all the events on this map alone, we don't blame them.

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