Twitter Sets Alt-Right Leader Getting Punched In The Face To Music

Racism enthusiast Richard Spencer was punched in the face yesterday. The alt-right pundit was explaining his Pepe the Frog pin to a TV reporter when a man dressed in all black ran up to Spencer and punched him in his face. Pepe, you'll recall, is a cartoon frog that initially became famous for taking off his pants to pee. Now, the frog has become a symbol for racists. Here is the video.
The incident sparked debate about whether or not it's ok to punch a Nazi in the face. We don't condone violence of any kind, obviously. We, however, feel we must point out committing violence against Nazis has often been hailed as a patriotic act, dating back to World War II. Of course, that was a unique circumstance; we were fighting tooth and nail to protect our nation's values from an attack by the worst of humanity. Following the attack, Spencer retired to a self-described "safe space" and posted a Periscope explaining his side of the story. He has not yet pressed charges.
The so-called Black Bloc is apparently behind the attack on Spencer. Some people decried the violence. Others took video of the incident and set it to music.
One person set the incident to music from "Hamilton."
Another used Beyoncé as inspiration.
Here's one using "Ante Up."
And another using Rihanna.
To hear and see more videos of this ilk, check out this Twitter account. Again, violence is wrong.

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