The Top Google Searches In Each State Reveal That People Are Strange

google-search-map2Photo: courtesy of estately.
There is a whole lot of wacky stuff happening in the United States of America, and now we have proof. The folks at the real estate site Estately took it upon themselves to find out the top Google searches in each state, and the results are pretty outlandish.
By running hundreds of search queries through Google Trends, Estately determined that Bigfoot, unicorns, and caramel corn are big in Idaho, whereas Frito pies, peyote, and UFOs are on everyone's mind in, you guessed it, New Mexico.
If you have far-out theories about government mind control, chupacabras, dinosaurs, and zombies, you probably call the Lone Star State home. If back shaving, competitive eating, and Taylor Swift are your searches of choice, then you'll find a lot of like-minded friends in Pennsylvania.
That it was so easy for the brass at Estately to learn the most popular searches in each state automatically makes us think about online privacy, or rather the lack thereof. While this kind of information is of a much broader scope and relatively harmless, imagine how deep an agency with more resources could dig?
Thankfully this report doesn't single out any individuals. The Nickelback-loving people of South Dakota are breathing a sigh of relief. Check out the rest of the report here. (Bustle)

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