This Map Shows What Weird Question Is Most Googled In Each State

Thanks to Google, we’re able to get answers to all of our strangest and most burning questions with just the tap of a mouse. And as it turns out, you're likely not alone in your odd queries. Many, many people are googling those same questions, and sometimes, those trend by state. To illustrate this, the real estate website Estately put together a roundup map that shows what questions each state googles more than any other state. The outcome is hilarious.
Estately got the information for the map by first gathering the most-searched-for questions in Google's auto-complete feature, and then plugging those queries into Google Trends from 2004 to 2016 to find out which state googled each question the most. The complicated procedure seems well worth it. Most of the questions are out-there, but some of them make sense given where they were asked. Alaska, for instance, most often asked, "How to smoke salmon?" Virginia googled, "Why is Virginia for lovers?" And poor Florida wondered, "Why does everyone hate Florida?" The searches expose a lot about the people living in each state. For instance, some states take a practical approach to their googling, like Vermont, which asked, "How to write a cover letter?" While others pose questions that never needed to be asked. "When is Cinco de Mayo?" Really, West Virginia? The map also shows that people use Google as a TV guide with questions such as, "When is X-File," in Pennsylvania. Others treat Google more like it's a doctor by searching, "Why are my nipples so sore?" — looking at you, Georgia. Every question on the map reveals something fascinating or puzzling about our country's search engine habits, but Texas' "Where is the internet?" truly takes the cake.

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