Here Are The Weird Dad-Related Terms People In Different States Are Googling

In honor of Father's Day, the real estate site Estately looked at one very telling measure of how we think about our fathers: Google searches. Estately analyzed Google Trends data on searches regarding dad-related movies, brands, and general phenomena. To determine how our interests vary geographically, the site broke them down by state. This map shows which searches are more popular in each state than others (not the most popular).
So, apparently, Texans are really into dad tattoos, Coloradans like Crocs, and people in Arizona want to reverse their vasectomies. And in case you still need a Father's Day gift idea, Floridians are looking for men's cargo shorts, while Hawaiians prefer Tommy Bahama shirts. By the way, they did one for Mother's Day, too, and the results were equally random. Who knew mom jeans were in style in Utah? We're not even going to speculate.

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