What Your State Googled This Year Will Make You Uncomfortable

Americans are a curious lot — each in our own way, of course. The Googling tendencies of someone in Maine are, apparently, vastly different from those of a person in New Mexico. Tracking state residents' Internet search histories has come to yield some pretty revealing results about regional concerns across our strange, strange land.
Real-estate site Estately just released this infographic illustrating most popular search terms in each state for 2014. The map shows those terms Googled more in a given state than any other. For example, New Yorkers are more interested in what the heck the Internet has to say about the word "selfie" than folks in any other state. Alaskans really want to see marijuana legalized. Residents of California and Nevada are bizarrely intrigued by Bitcoin.
Note: These are not the topics Googled most in each state, but the searches made more frequently in that state than any other. What's your state's most-searched term? Did you Google it this year? Are you going to Google it now? Go on. (Estately)
Photo: Courtesy of Estately.

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