Jared Leto Is Somehow Older Than These Celebrities

We think we've figured it out. Either Jared Leto made a Faustian pact with the devil, or there is a rotting portrait of his decrepit face in an attic somewhere. How else to explain why the Oscar winner still looks to be in his Jordan Catalano prime when he's turning 43 today? That's not shockingly old, but still, you'd at least expect a rogue gray hair or wrinkle on the guy by now.
Maybe that massive beard is camouflaging a network of laugh lines. Maybe the guy coats himself in Crème de la Mer and the blood of Tibetan monks every morning. Maybe he just has good genes. Whatever the secret, he certainly doesn't look 43.
To put it into perspective, just look at all the fellow celebrities who are actually younger than this eternally youthful rock star. We're not saying these stars haven't aged well or come across as geriatric geezers. They just seem older than a guy who still rocks tie-dye leggings and crowd-surfs. Ahead, take a look.

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