Atlanta Police Dept. Apologizes For Bizarre Reaction To Beyoncé’s Pregnancy

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
The reactions to the news of Beyoncé's pregnancy were complex, to say the least. The internet memed, spazzed out, and questioned everything. Twitter specifically was abuzz with celebrities and brands sharing their own custom congratulations to the singer and her family. One of those personalized posts came from none other than the Atlanta Police Department. And they came to later regret their joke, which many felt veered towards offensive with its lax treatment of gun violence and its racial undertones. The tweet is now deleted, CNN reports, but it read: "Beyoncé may have everyone wanting to celebrate her pregnancy, but remember no celebratory gunfire! Stay safe, Atlanta!" Come again? The implication that Atlanta residents would take to the streets firing weapons in celebration of the singer's pregnancy is... weird, bizarre, and not funny. They have since issued an apology reading, "We understand that the #Beyoncé Twitter post was inappropriate and for that we apologize." The tweet is also strangely marked as being shared from Houston, Beyoncé's hometown.
And, on top of that, the restaurant Denny's shared its own crazy take on the news.
Let's leave all the social media posts to the fans and the Queen Bey herself from now on, guys.

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