The Target Accessories Aisle Is About To Get Really Sparkly

Photo: Courtesy of BaubleBar.
The world may have moved on to chokers, but we still appreciate a good embellished neckpiece every once in a while — and we've got good news for anyone who's right there with us. On Wednesday, Target is announcing a long-term pair-up with BaubleBar on an exclusive line of seriously affordable jewelry. And judging from its first drop, it's about to sparkle up the store's accessories aisle.
SUGARFIX will be designed by Baublebar and sold at Target, with new collections introduced every month — kind of like the retailer's ongoing partnership with WhoWhatWear. It'll feature all the unique statement pieces we've come to expect from the jewelry company, alongside some of the more low-key, delicate styles BaubleBar bills as its best-sellers in the main line. The only big difference between that and SUFARFIX is price point: "To put it into numbers, BaubleBar’s average price point is $50, while the average SUGARFIX price point is $14.99," Amy Jain, co-founder of BaubleBar, told Refinery29. The idea is to reach a new, even more budget-conscious audience while abiding by the belief that "style should only be limited by your imagination, and not by your budget."
The last time BaubleBar sparkled its way into Target was in late 2015, when it created a range of tech accessories exclusively for the mass retailer. While the last pair-up was very different — it was a one-time thing and actually had no jewelry — Jain noted "it did help lay the groundwork for our new long-term partnership with the Target team."
This isn't a totally new ball game for BaubleBar, though, which operates primarily on e-commerce: Over the years, it's worked with multi-brand retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's on capsules and wholesale accounts. These types of channels have taught the founders about scale — something that's very useful when you're launching over 180 pieces at over 900 Target stores across the country in one day. "Our biggest learning has been how to create the right in-person shopping experience given the breadth of our assortment, both in terms of number of styles and SKUs," said Jain. "As you can imagine, thinking through the right in-store shopping experience was quite the undertaking." The small-business mindset does allow for some creative solutions to anticipate this endeavor. "We actually built a small replica of the Target jewelry department in our office," Jain told us. "It has given us the opportunity to make sure the in-store experience for the guest stays easy and very fun to shop."
Luckily, that experience will now be available to those who aren't on BaubleBar's payroll. It also puts its statement jewelry, which is beloved by bloggers and a well-worn fall-back for the fashion-savvy looking to spruce up an #OOTD, on the radar of potential customers who might not belong to either of the aforementioned circles. "We believe in the power of putting product into women’s hands and letting people experience it for themselves," Daniella Yacobovsky, the company's other co-founder, explained. "Partnering with Target allows us to reach women in cities that we likely wouldn’t get to ourselves with an owned brick-and-mortar approach."
SUGARFIX, which will begin decorating your arms and neck on January 31, and is expected to add anywhere from 50 to 150 styles to its roster each month, is inspired by the concept of treating oneself: "We named the line SUGARFIX by BaubleBar as a homage to that familiar giddy rush we all experience when we treat ourselves to small, easy indulgences," Yacobovsky described. "SUGARFIX not only encapsulates those feelings, but also draws on some of the parallels between baubles and bonbons — not always the main event, but both manage to steal the stage as the most memorable." Plus: Both look great on Instagram.
This story has been amended with the correct live date for SUGARFIX.

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