The Last Official Images Of Obama Leaving The White House Are Haunting

Official White House photographer Pete Souza has captured some iconic images over the years. He's gotten everything from silly to touching and everything in between. Now, he's posted a series of final pictures of Obama departing the White House that will rip your soul in half. That is, if you still had an intact soul to this point. Here's Obama leaving the Oval Office for the last time. Note the last, longing looks of regret.
Next is a shot of Obama entering helicopter Executive One after his successor's inauguration.
And, we hope you've prepared yourself for this one, because it's going to be tough. This is Obama's last look at the White House as a helicopter takes him away. One cannot begin to imagine what's going through his mind.


A photo posted by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on

And, just like that, Barack Obama's turn as President of the United States has ended.

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