White House Staffers & A Snowman Pulled An Adorable Prank On Obama

Do you want to build a snowman? ☃

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It has been said that Santa Claus sees you when you're sleeping, but it seems that snowmen are the ones keeping tabs on President Obama this holiday season. According to Mashable, White House staffers have been having a little fun setting up snowmen so that they look like they're watching POTUS through the windows of the Oval Office. The White House's official photographer, Pete Souza, explained on his Instagram that, for the last three weeks, staffers have been thinking about moving the snowmen closer to the house. "We've been joking that we should move the snowmen a few feet closer to the Oval Office every day to see if anyone noticed," Souza said. "Then, we realized the snowmen were too heavy to easily lift." But this week, they finally pulled the prank off, moving all the snowmen right up to the windows. The White House's official Instagram even snapped a shot of Obama at his desk with a snowman peering in as he signed end-of-year bills. "Do you want to build a snowman?" the Frozen-inspired caption reads. Turns out, the president got a kick out of this joke. Souza posted a photo of Obama acting frightened by a snowman waiting at the window. "Yes, he enjoyed the prank," Souza wrote. We're just glad to know the president and his staff are having a bit of fun before they leave the White House in January. Let's just hope none of those snowmen end up following Obama to his next residence.

Another snowman from yesterday. Yes he enjoyed the prank. See previous post for the backstory.

A photo posted by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on

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