Lauren Conrad Is Pregnant, Kristin Cavallari Is Psyched & We Are All Officially Old

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Remember 2004? It was the year of Janet Jackson's breast, and the year some Harvard guys launched a little social networking site called Facebook. It was the year Martha Stewart's prison sentence probably, finally gave her enough free time to realize she really, really needed to throw a few dinner parties with Snoop Dogg. Ah, the good old days. Oh, and it was also the year that young Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari fought over Stephen Whatshisface on a Mexican beach during the Laguna Beach classic episode entitled, "What Happens in Cabo." My, how times have changed. Fast-forward 12 years later, and we basically know Where They Are Now: Janet and Martha are kicking ass, Facebook maybe not so much. But what about LC and KC? According to Entertainment Tonight, the erstwhile frenemies have buried the hatchet in favor of mom-bonding. Or at least they're supporting each other on their respective parenting paths, if not actually planning on playdates. After hearing the news that Lauren Conrad and her husband William Tell are expecting their first child, Kristin Cavallari told ET she's "so happy for her." She added that she and Conrad aren't exactly in touch: "I haven't talked to her in years, but what an exciting time in her life!" Cavallari has three kids of her own (all under age 5, mind you), so she is certainly familiar with the beautiful mess Conrad is getting herself into. And if there's any conversation topic through which long-lost frenemies might find common ground, it's diaper drama.

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