This Travel Company Will Turn Your Next Vacation Into A Nature Documentary

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If you're looking to take your vacation videos to the next level, then Luxury Travel Advisors has got a trip for you. According to Condé Nast Traveler, the U.K. travel company will send you and three friends to an exotic location where a five-person camera crew will turn your vacation into a nature documentary. Yes, you can now star in your own version of Planet Earth. Right now, Luxury Travel Advisors is offering four documentary vacation options that they say will be a "combination of luxury travel, responsible ecotourism, conservation, and a true once in a lifetime experience." All trips will include a private screening of your film for friends and family. In May you can explore the "Heart Of The Arctic" and hang out with polar bears in Norway or go on "African Vet Safari" where you get an up close look at the conservation efforts of Dr. William Fowlds in South Africa. You can sign up for the "Brazilian Explorer," which will send you off to the Southern Pantanal in August to check out anacondas, jaguars, and giant anteaters. Or, celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in September with a "Canadian Bear Encounter." The company has three more trips in the works including a visit to a tiger sanctuary in India, a chance to swim with the sharks in Bermuda and a Yellowstone Park adventure. The word "luxury" in the travel company's name hints that these trips will certainly not be cheap. The "Heart of the Arctic" tour costs $172,500 per group, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Of course, getting the chance to star in your own nature doc is priceless.

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