When Norway Street Style Looks Like A Tropical Vacation (Comparatively)

So here's the thing: We had assigned this street style story thinking that in comparison with the then balmy New York weather, Oslo Fashion Week would have turned out ladies who truly knew how to dress in cold weather. But, of course Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us. "The previous weeks it was around -10 Celsius with snowfall, but it happened to be a warm spell [in Oslo]. It was just around freezing. What was interesting was how the Norwegians dressed way lighter for the weather because they're used to it," said our photographer, Ryan Koopmans. And if you were in New York over the weekend, well, we don't have to remind you of how bad things were. We're still trying to forget the feeling of our tears freezing onto our eyelashes.
Regardless, Norwegian street style stars know how to take advantage of a little break in weather patterns. Click through for some of the most striking outfits we snapped from Oslo — even if there's no chance of frostbite.