Could This Kate Middleton Theory Actually Be True?

Photo: Max Mumby/Getty Images.
We're not typically ones for hearsay, especially completely unfounded celebrity gossip, but this Kate Middleton theory might actually be plausible. Apart from her propensity for a classic Self Portrait getup, have you ever noticed the inseparable bond between the Duchess of Cambridge and her evening clutch? If you're totally stumped (or desire to do the photo research required to play this game because it's Friday and a cocktail is the only handheld accessory that comes to mind), don't worry — we did the digging for you. And there's an interesting rationale behind the Duchess' go-to accessory. But if you're like us and you've ever cared to wonder why, Good Housekeeping might have your answer. In a listicle that details the steps required in order to make your friends think you host parties Royal Family-style, the magazine spoke to an apparently "legit" royal family etiquette expert to help you pull off your next brunch à la maison, pinkies and all. Because apparently, to roll with the Royals, one must be less bangers and mash and more tea and crumpets. So, if you're interested in that type of thing, we'll indulge you in the full clutch-centric intel: "When the Duchess is at an event, she holds her bag in front of her in both hands when shaking hands might be awkward. Or she can place it in one hand to have the other free. It never gets tucked under an arm or placed on the ground or table. If there's not a stool available, slip it between your back and the back of the chair." Because, obviously. Don't set it in your lap, between your legs, in your bigger purse, or on the table — literally use it as a back rest to keep your posture as stiff as you Edie Parker clutch throughout dinnertime. While we may not be able to identify with Middleton's clutch camouflaging tactics (or, hey, maybe we'll give it a try), it might explain why most photos show the Duchess's hands resting in front of her, connected by a sophisticated clutch. But honestly, and this is something we've been stressing over since she wed into the Royal Family in 2011, we're not so concerned with how she holds her clutch as much as what's in it. Gum? Wine wipes? A Kylie Lip Kit? The world may never know.

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