Did Kendall Jenner Just Bring Back This Iconic Carrie Bradshaw Tee?

Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images.
As cyclical as they may be, it's not as easy to predict the comeback of trends as it is to catalogue them. Hell, most come as much of a surprise to us as they do to anyone else. But without fail, celebrities and arbiters of style alike hold the power to bring them back with a single cameo, whether it be on the red carpet, during Fashion Week, or on a trip to the grocery store. And Kendall Jenner is your latest example of a walking time machine. The nostalgic, early-aughts graphic tee in question might look familiar because, if you've ever heard of a relatively unknown, independent miniseries called Sex and The City, you've seen it before. And if that's still not ringing a bell, we've embedded the image below for your viewing pleasure. Way back when Dior's T-shirts first hit the scene on Ms. Bradshaw, it sparked an It girl obsession; everyone from Nicky Hilton to Nicole Richie was wearing different iterations of the top paired with short skirts and tiny purses à la Carrie.
Photo: Warner Bros/Everett Collection.
Jenner's version is from luxury vintage boutique What Goes Around Comes Around, meaning — sadly — it's most likely the only one out there. And that means it's definitely not from the brand's latest collection designed by Marie Grazia Chiuri. (Those tees contain a pretty serious feminist statement, instead of your typical kitschy logo). But we have to admit, a tiny part of us hopes the craze catches on again and cutesy 'J'adore Dior' shirts start popping up all over the streets of New York, London, Milan, and Paris (Fashion Month is sooner than you think). For now, however, you can catch us elbow-deep in virtual bins on eBay.

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