Selena Gomez Emerges Once Again To Hang With A Fan

Selena Gomez was recently spotted on Snapchat making silly faces with a fan at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant, Perez Hilton reports. Gomez has been taking time off to treat her lupus, depression, and anxiety, reportedly at a rehab facility in Tennessee. She only recently began using her cell phone again.

Since mental health is of the utmost importance, her fans understand that she needs to prioritize her well-being. But when she does emerge, she demonstrates how important they remain to her.

A few other rare post-hiatus photos of her, taken back in October, also show her posing with fans at a Texas Roadhouse. (We think we know what her favorite restaurant is.)

It's no wonder Selenators are so loyal that Gomez has accumulated more Instagram followers than anyone else in the world. She is, after all, equally loyal to them.

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