What People Really Think Of The 10 Most Important News Events Of 2016

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images.
Over the last 12 months, we've seen unexpected election results in the United States and abroad, the death of too many universally adored celebrities, and events that shook us to our core. And even though it can be easy to forget, there were indeed some good moments among the flames of the grand 2016 dumpster fire.

But, as they look back on 2016, how do Americans actually feel about these news-making events?

The Associated Press-Times Square Alliance poll answered that by asking a simple question: How important were the stories that dominated the headlines to you?

You can probably guess which event Americans ranked the most important (cough November 8 cough). But some of the other results might surprise you.

Ahead, we break down the poll's findings on how Americans felt about these major happenings. Tell us what you think about the results — and the year's events — in the comments below. Did the story you think was the most important make the cut?

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