This Dad-Daughter Duo Just Won Holiday Hairstyling

Photo Via: Greg Wickherst's Dads Guide to Surviving Hair/Facebook.
We have a thing for dads doing their daughters' hair. And back in 2013, Greg Wickherst was one of the first father hairstylists on our radar. A quick refresher: After shaving his own head for most of his life, he felt unequipped to style his daughter Izzy’s mane. With a few lessons from his local cosmetology school, Wickherst was whipping Izzy’s long, blond hair into French braids and inverted ponytails. Flash forward to now, and the pops who was once ahead of the curve — cool dads Derrick Culpepper and Phil Morgese have recently carried the torch — is now dropping some advanced science (and seriously cute holiday looks) on hairstyling.
As Hello Giggles reports, Wickherst has styled his daughter’s hair into a few festive, yet fully wearable holiday designs — the kinds of looks that make inverted ponies look like amateur hour. Included are festooned halo braids and an impressive snowman updo. In nearly three years, Wickherst has come a long way, baby, earning his hairstyling stripes in spades. What’s more, the freshly styled Izzy couldn’t look happier. Check out their latest styling wizardry, ahead.

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