30 Absolutely Devastating Photos Of Kit Harington On His 30th Birthday

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage.
It's slightly painful to imagine a world in which Kit Harington does not exist — or, rather, that he exists unbeknownst to us. The English actor being cast as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones seven years ago might be the best thing that's ever happened to him. But it's also the best thing that's ever happened to people who appreciate the beauty of a deeply attractive man. [Ed. Note: If the shameless objectification of hot-ass men makes you uncomfortable, because it's kind of a double standard — well, then, you're a nobler person than I and there are better ways you could spend the next five to 10 minutes.]
Yes, Harington is a fantastic actor and, by all accounts, a truly lovely human. But we're going to set those glowing qualities aside for a moment and marvel at him in a more superficial way. Because Harington is a devastatingly good-looking man and he deserves to be celebrated for that on his 30th birthday. There are those contractually obligated chestnut locks and that ever-glorious beard — which miraculously always occupies that facial-hair sweet spot between scruffy and sculpted.
But really, it's about those soulful, sensual, chocolate-brown eyes — that piercing, unwavering, almost uncomfortably intense gaze. See, Harington seems to have an affliction best described as perpetual bedroom eyes. The gentleman doesn't seem capable of looking directly into a camera without stirring your soul...and maybe other areas on your body. So let the man's wonder wash over you and enjoy these 30 goddamn devastating photos of Kit Harington.

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