How The GOT Actors Who Survive Will Celebrate Escaping Death For 8 Seasons

Photo: Jim Smeal /REX/Shutterstock.
After six seasons of watching Game of Thrones, we've learned just how ruthless the show can be when it comes to killing off characters. And we're not talking about the hoards of unnamed extras who get knocked off on the regular. We're talking about the major characters whose deaths we didn't always see coming, beginning with season 1 shocker Ned Stark. (We're still not over that one, TBH.) And then there's Khal Drogo, Catelyn Stark, King Joffrey, Tywin Lannister...the list goes on. So, any actor whose character survives the entirety of the kill-happy HBO series — which will end after two more short seasons — will have accomplished something quite impressive. And Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, knows just how those who successfully cling to dear life right until the end will celebrate. "I think the plan is for everyone to get matching tattoos if we survive to season 8. That's the plan," Turner told Vulture. "But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm in there!" Of course, if Sansa does live until the end, then Turner will be getting her second Game of Thrones tattoo. She and Maisie Williams, who plays her on-screen sister Arya, already have matching tattoos of the day they were cast. And what about the characters who don't make it? Temporary tattoos. "Preferably on our faces! On our foreheads. Like a gang-style tat," Turner laughed. "Perfect. Then I'm good to go. Life's made. Job's done. I could die happy now." Girl, please don't throw around the "d" word so cavalierly at a time like this. Long live Sansa Stark!

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