Could Sansa Stark Be The First Character Killed Next Season?

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If the Game of Thrones cast had a dollar for every time they were asked to make predictions about the services, they'd have a lot of extra cash lying around. Even more so than they have earned on what is easily the most talked-about show on television this year. As we enter phase one of GoT withdrawals, all we have to lean back on are wild predictions and fan theories. While at Comic-Con in San Diego, E! News tried to get the lowdown from a few of the cast members themselves. They asked, "Who do you think will be killed off first when the show resumes in the summer of 2017?" and the answers were all over the place. The most surprising came from Sophie Turner, who exasperatedly responded, "Maybe Sansa will die!" Um, no Turner. That would be very, very bad. If her character makes it through living with Ramsay Bolton, I think she can handle anything. Turner also said that "Cersei should die, but probably won't die" because she's the token villain on the series now. Liam Cunningham, who plays Jon Snow's right-hand man, Davos Seaworth, had an answer similar to Turner's. Cunningham said that because there are so many powerful female characters on the show right now, it's inevitable for at least one of them "to make the same stupid mistakes that men do," thus leading to their demise. Iwan Rheon, who played Ramsay before his long-awaited demise at the hand of Sansa, had a more random choice. He would like to see Aeron Greyjoy swim with the fishes come next season. "Just because I didn't like him," he joked, adding, "The actor did a good job, you know what I mean?"

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