Between TWD & GOT, Which Show Do You Think Has More Deaths?

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have a lot in common. They both feature zombies. You'll catch hell if you spoil either for a devoted viewer. They're both so full of death, it's amazing they have any characters left. Still, only one show can claim the crown of Most People Slaughtered On-screen, and according to the scientific findings of redditor nachorykaart, when looking at the first five seasons of each show, The Walking Dead has featured the most deaths — but probably not the most that left you in need of tissues.
According to nachorykaart's infographic, GOT features six more main-character deaths than TWD, nine more side-character deaths, and even 385 more background-character deaths. The only thing that tipped the body count in TWD's favor? The show's 1,007 non-human-character deaths to GOT's 95, bringing the zombie saga's total to 1,216, while George R.R. Martin's series topped out at 704 fatalities.
Of course, the non-human category brings up a larger philosophical question: Does the death of someone who's undead still count? Something to ponder during the next commercial break.

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