Nyx’s New Illuminating Powders Will Test Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion

Glitter — long maligned for its close association with middle-school dance troupes and that whole thing about how it spreads like the plague — made one hell of a comeback in 2016. On our lips, on our brows, in our hair: Glitter was everywhere, only in this case, on purpose.

But despite what the beauty trends of the past year have taught us, you still don’t need to have a commitment to Sparkle Motion (that's a Donnie Darko reference, for non-film buffs) to shine bright — especially not where Nyx's brand-new Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders are concerned. We’re basically shunning all our other highlighters in anticipation of the five-piece launch on December 28. Sorry Champagne Glow, there's a new kid in town. Five of them, to be exact.

True, the photos hardly suffice, but each illuminator is more lust-worthy than the last. There’s the pearly bluish Twilight Tint, the purple-flecked Lavender Steel, the rosy Crushed Bloom, the white Snow Rose that gleams pink in the light, and Synthetica, a coral-pink with gold pearls. They’re all unique, but still universally flattering, and one will set you back just $8. Read it again, and feel happy again: $8. After all, this is Nyx we’re talking about, and its high quality yet budget-friendly products are practically made for you to buy in multiples.

Plus, Allure reports that the illuminators have been formulated with unique chromatic pearls that create a holographic finish on your cheekbones, your collarbone, the inner corners of your eyes, or wherever else you feel like putting them. That means that each one will look different depending on where the light hits, sort of like a disco ball in the best way possible.

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