Get Ready: Jaclyn Hill’s New Becca Products Are Even Better Than Her Last

In case you missed the last round, YouTuber Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics are back at it again with their second, sure-to-fly-off-the-shelves makeup line. The Champagne Collection, contains an eyeshadow palette, face palette, and three (!!!) different versions of the viral highlighter they launched last year, Champagne Pop. It all hits stores June 16, and online retailers on May 26 at 12 p.m. And if that sounds extremely specific, let this be your warning: It will sell out.
In fact, during the celebration for the collection this week, the brand launched an exclusive limited-edition preview sale of the face palette on Sephora's mobile site and sold all 20,000 units in just 90 minutes. Although the launch party, complete with — what else? — funnels of Champagne, was, as Hill called it, "dope," the highlight (pun definitely intended) of the week was getting to sit down with her to discuss our favorite topic: beauty. Hill gave me the inside scoop on the Champagne Collection, her favorite Instagram trends, and how she keeps the haters from getting her down. Plus, she even hinted at what's to come — like possibly, even more new products?! "We have extra cards up our sleeves," says Becca's VP of Marketing Annie Bystryn. "It's going to be an amazing summer." Check out the interview, below.
What inspired you to create the Champagne Glow collection?
"I wanted to do a face palette and thought I'd be stupid not to do a face palette with them because...Becca has the best blush formula...[and] their highlighter is one of my absolute number-ones; I mean Opal was my ride-or-die, which is how they found me in the first place because I wouldn't shut up about it! I was so excited to take Becca's formula and create shades from scratch that I have in my mind."
What product was the hardest to get right?
"Prosecco Pop. I was so nervous about creating a second highlight, and felt so much pressure because Champagne Pop was such an unexpected success and continues to be such a success. "Of course, I'm always trying to think of all different skin tones, so creating Prosecco Pop was definitely difficult because I wanted it to be a certain gold. We went through so many different samples and versions, it was insane. [We] were sending people to the lab at times that it wasn't supposed to be open, because I was like, 'It's not perfect yet!'" How do you use the different variations of Champagne Pop?
"The actual Champagne Pop pressed [powder] is definitely the highlight for the girl who wants the most beaming highlight possible — you want to send signals to space. As far as liquid, my personal favorite way to use liquid is on my body because you can put it on your entire body and it doesn't break up and separate; it just looks so beautiful and glowing. You can use it on fair skin tones [or] dark skin tones. "You can also mix it in with your foundation, wear it on your bare skin with absolutely no makeup, [or] on top of your foundation before powder for a creamier highlight. Or, if you really want to send signals to space and confuse NASA, you can put the liquid on, and then the pressed [highlighter] on top. You will be beaming."

What is your biggest beauty regret?
"The way I used to wear my eyebrows truly makes me sad. I need to dig a grave for my old eyebrows. I [have] a Valentine's Day tutorial that I want to delete so badly; the makeup is pretty, but the brows... It looks like I have two worms on my face! I feel like everyone has had a bad brow moment; the difference is that I've just documented it in front of millions of people!"

If you really want to send signals to space and confuse NASA, you can put the liquid on, and then the pressed [highlighter] on top. You will be beaming.

What do you think of the new beauty trends popping up on social media now?
"I think that it's funny! I think it's entertainment, and I think for the first time ever the cosmetic industry is having this moment that we've never had. In the past, we had the greats like Kevyn Aucoin. They wrote books, and you went to Barnes & Noble and you got the books and that was it — you had your 50 pages, and you're done. Now you have these artists that are doing celebrities and runway and Fashion Week — the top people in the world — [and they're] right there on Instagram. "I honestly think all of these crazy contouring [techniques] and weird things [are] a way to expand it and capitalize on it. People are just having fun with it and taking it to another level. Do I think it's realistic? Absolutely not. I do not have time to get my stiletto heel out when I'm contouring! But I think it's hilarious." Have you ever learned a new technique from Instagram?
"Recently, @Pala_Foxxia did a glitter cut crease and I've never seen that done before. I was blown away by it. It is so beautiful and everybody is doing it now, and she started it. When you see something that's fresh and new and realistic — unlike forks and knives for contouring and just want to bow down to them!"
Do you have a story of one subscriber who has really impacted your life?
"I tell this story all the time...but every time I tell this story, I cry. At a meet-and-greet that I had at Sephora last year, there was a girl that I met and she was just sobbing. Long story short, she ends up telling me that she tried to commit suicide and was kept in the hospital for several weeks. When she was in the hospital...[she] started watching [my] videos to pass the time. She said she's watched all 200 of [my] videos, and she said [she] got her life back. I will never forget her face. It was so touching. If I'm saving even one person's life, then, shit, I gotta keep it up."

I've learned to take control of my channel and stand up for who I am and what I believe in, and my followers who actually understand me... I can't let people get me down.

You've been very vocal about negativity on your channel. How do you deal with that on a daily basis?
"I let the haters control my channel for a very long time... I was allowing myself to go a certain direction because of the mean comments, and I've learned to block them mentally, and I've learned to look at the positive. I've learned to take control of my channel and stand up for who I am and what I believe in, and my followers who actually understand me... I can't let people get me down. "I've made a lot of changes in my life recently as far as the negativity. It was getting me down in a very, very bad way, and it was really taking a toll on me. I went to therapy for it because I was so focused on the negativity. The good outweighed the bad, but not in my mind... [Now] I try to be present. I know when it's time to be on my phone and when it's not time to be on my phone. I disconnect myself. I don't think of myself as famous; I don't think of myself as successful; I think of myself as a 25-year-old girl who is a daughter, a friend, and a wife. I have so much to learn and so much more growing to do."

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