The Unexpected Beauty Trend French Girls Love

Our obsession with French beauty does not go undocumented. A quick look at our Pinterest feeds shows an endless stream of rumpled waves, red lips, bushy brows, and clean, glowing skin. (And, of course, tons of French beauty products.) But have you ever stopped to think about what French girls are putting on their Pinterest boards? Well, it may not be what you think. According to Pinterest reps in France, the fastest growing beauty trends among French users are bright, metallic, sketched, and colorful brows, often pinned with "under eyebrow" and "painted eyebrow" as the keywords. Say what? "We've seen more and more [people] in France searching for new looks and embracing 'the grotesque' with fierce statements like the 'double eyebrow,' 'painted eyelash,' and 'painted eyebrow,'" says Lucie Marquet, marketing manager of Pinterest France. And since we're all clearly obsessed with French style stateside — this new data also says search terms like "French girl" and "French beauty" are up 23% and 12% on the U.S. site, respectively — we must ask, are artsy brows in fact having a global moment? We certainly hope so — guys, this is rad! — so we tapped Pinterest for even more info. Below, see the top pins in France right now that cover the trend. The only questions remains: Do you prefer gold or sketched brows?
Are sketched-on brows the new spider lashes? So wrong, yet so right.
We love this blue swoop, err, blue double eyebrow.
Sure, her brows are bright yellow, but matching her shadow to her arches somehow makes the entire look more subtle.
For anyone who's ever considered bleached brows: Now is your chance to play it up with shadow.
Avant-garde? Merci!
Glitter brows? Don't mind if we do!
A simple white swoop makes for a ridiculously photogenic look. (IG is calling for this one.)
Pop your brows with a hit of blue.
What do you love, what do you hate, and what would you actually try? Tell us in the comments below!

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