Strobing With Glitter Is Actually A Thing — & It’s Mesmerizing

Glitter braids, glitter lips, glitter nails. If 2016 has shown us anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as too much sparkle. Now, according to PopSugar, the trend is making its way to the strobing category — and the results couldn’t be more magical.
Here's how it works: Once you do your routine strobe, top it off with glitter pigments on your cheeks and browbones. The lit look is intensified to Studio 54-worthy proportions — and is perfect for all those holiday parties. Plus, not only does the technique make a simple glittery eye feel like child’s play in comparison, but it's also inspiring us to create a galaxy of shine on the high planes of our complexions. Of course, like any sparkle-flecked look, fallout remains a real — and mighty — concern. To help glitter stay in place, pros have sworn by the MAC Mixing Medium Eyeliner for years. Don’t let the “eyeliner” moniker scare you; the translucent gel can actually be used anywhere on the face, either applied directly to skin — just press the pigments onto skin with a brush after — or mixed into glitter, and then applied as a solution for stay-put adhesion.

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