Drake Now Dressing Like Special Snowflake He Is

Now that Drake is maybe-sort-of-kind-of-hanging-out-with-J-Lo, he really seems to be coming into his own. We're not sure if Lopez is offering Drake life advice or if this is some kind of Mrs. Robinson situation, but look at this cute li'l outfit Aubrey tossed together.


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First, we have the Louis Vuitton scarf. Solid look. Classy, expensive, and not like when my senior year neighbor used to drop his LV wallet on the ground and loudly tell everyone it cost $600. Then there's the coat, which looks like you aren't supposed to sit down in it. It's too white for normal people to wear during the winter, because you'll get it all slushy. That's a rich guy-level white. And he tops it off with a nice crisp pair of jeans and some Timberlands. After all, he is Canadian. The man has to stay true to his roots. So if this is the new Drake, the good mood Drake, we're all in favor. The man can wear a coat. And maybe winter really is the season for white.

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