Miley Cyrus Just Made Weed Super-Festive

❤️💚❤️💚YUP! ❤️💚❤️💚

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Singer, actor, and all-around marijuana enthusiast Miley Cyrus showed fans how she's celebrating the holidays with an Instagram post celebrating her love for the chronic. She's modeling a sweatshirt that reads, "Smoke Pot Every Christmas." On the sweater, which is the newest entry in 2016's informal Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, is a pot leaf decorated like a Christmas tree and a few merry Santas.
Cyrus doesn't keep her adoration for marijuana, which is legal for medicinal and recreational purposes in Cyrus' home state of California, a secret from her fans. Her Instagram account is frequently a celebration of all things 4/20. It's no surprise that she'd make ugly Christmas sweater season all about that, er, hobby. It's just Miley being Miley, y'all.

On my way to #werk! Get your #happyhippie tees at

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

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