Fashion’s Most-Googled Questions Of 2016, Answered In GIFs

Photo: BG001/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.
At the close of what could easily be described as The Year That Had No Chill (or, alternately, The Year That Actually Felt Like A Thousand Years), we're happy to remind you that 2016 expires soon. And that means a couple of things. For starters, you've made it — congratulations. Secondly, it's layering season — discuss your feelings on that among yourselves. But also, it's roundup time, meaning recaps of the year's headlines are starting to roll out, and what a ride it's been. Yesterday, Google released it's top searched fashion questions from the past 12 months, and looking back through that lens...we're a little concerned.
Because honestly — truly — where did the industry go wrong in sorting out fashion's (apparently) most common conundrums? And, frankly, we're a bit surprised people are still searching for the answer to "What is haute couture?" Look, we get it — more often than not, fashion doesn't make a ton of sense. For example, at what point is a decade properly primed for a comeback? And are people really buying couture? These perplexities, plus eight others, are answered in the slideshow ahead. Get your pen and Post-its ready.

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