Blake Lively's Taylor Swift Birthday Tribute Is Tardy For The Party

Look, Blake Lively's got a newborn and a 2-year-old at home. She can't possibly be expected to keep on top of every single birthday right now, even when the birthday girl is Taylor "I've Named Half My Stuff After My Date Of Birth" Swift.

Better late than never, though. Swift turned 27 on Tuesday, December 13, and Lively finally got around to sharing the standard celebratory Instagram post late last night.

It turns out that the actress' brother-in-law, High School Musical alum Bart Johnson, also had his birthday on the "lamest day of the year," so Swift will just have to share the spotlight. Here's the series Lively dubbed "People Who I Not Only Really Love, But Also Really LIKE, That Were Born Yesterday."

"@taylorswift you know how I feel," she began, uploading a selfie of her and the singer.
Johnson, meanwhile, was celebrated in a cheeky post starring his wife and her sister, Robyn Lively of Teen Witch fame.
Fingers crossed that Lively isn't docked Swift Squad points for being late. Let anyone who's never sent a belated birthday greeting throw the first stone.



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