You Have To See These Reviews Of Ivanka Trump’s Boots

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Throughout this election cycle and in the month or so since Donald Trump's presidential win, his daughter Ivanka Trump has had to deal with some pushback to her namesake fashion brand. Take, for instance, the #GrabYourWallet social campaign that came about in October, imploring people to boycott Ivanka Trump-brand items. But the latest batch of criticism is cropping up in a decidedly unexpected place: in ironic reviews of Ivanka Trump-brand products on Amazon, as Yahoo Style pointed out. The reviews are clever commentaries (by people who've likely never donned the shoes they're "reviewing") on what Donald Trump represents and the type of presidency he's expected to lead. "These boots are perfectly designed to trample on fellow Americans’ Civil Rights Day or Night," reads one review, describing a pair of kicks constructed from "tight, made-somewhere-that-is-not-America material," the wearing of which will have the undesirable side effect of "blind admiration of demagoguery." "I thought it was a hilarious way to poke fun at Ivanka’s hypocrisy. I had to join in,” one of the reviewers, Laurel Wells Thompson, told Yahoo Style. Even the reviews' titles are funny (but also depressingly real) jabs at Donald Trump's M.O. One such gem, found on the Issa stiletto-heeled, pointy-toed style: "Too restrictive, tight, Not enough room for growth, will only fit the 1%." The accompanying review describes the boots as "made in a sweatshop by child labor in a foreign country because that's called being smart," and as having a very, very narrowly defined ideal customer. " These boots might fit a person that is male, straight, white and Christian but if you don’t fit all these criteria, they are NOT the boots for you!" the review reads. We're curious what Ivanka thinks of the stealth criticism of her brand (and of her dad), delivered in a pretty unexpected forum. As for Ivanka's reaction to the #GrabYourWallet boycotts? "The beauty of America is people can do what they like. But I'd prefer to talk to the millions — the tens of millions — of American women who are inspired by the brand and the message that I've created," the businesswoman told Good Morning America.

Besides #GrabYourWallet, there have been a couple other ways that Ivanka has been criticized or called upon. Back in August, the businesswoman was even targeted as a customer, thanks to this very blunt letter to Ivanka that indie jewelry brand Lady Grey tweeted after receiving a personal order from her. Beyond the fashion realm, there was a protest that drew a number of artists and others involved in the art industry in late November; the corresponding Instagram account, dear_ivanka, voices concerns about Donald Trump's presidency, directed at Ivanka. We've reached out to reps for Trump's namesake line for comment and will update when we hear back. More fashion news:
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