Kate Spade Imagines Our Greatest Holiday Party Nightmare

It’s your worst fashion nightmare. You buy the perfect outfit for that big holiday party. Once you've gotten all dolled-up and made your grand entrance, you see it: Someone is wearing the exact same dress. It's an all-too-familiar nightmare — and exactly what happened to Zosia Mamet, Miss Piggy, and Man Repeller's Leandra Medine. If you're wondering what, exactly, would bring these three folks together, you can thank Kate Spade. The brand orchestrated this scenario for the latest installment of its Miss Adventure series, entitled “To The Top.” You'd think this scenario warrants a catfight (pig fight?), but luckily, these glam ladies find a way to make light of the most dreaded fashion faux pas — but not without some side-eye.
The story kicks off with Mamet and everyone’s favorite Muppet running into each other on a very, very long elevator ride up to the top of the Empire State Building, where, presumably, the party of the year is going down. What makes this trip feel all the longer? The two are wearing the same Kate Spade polka-dot faux-fur coat (which retails for $848). An argument ensues — and it becomes so heated that they don’t even notice when Medine joins their ride, also wearing the exact same thing. In a statement, Deborah Lloyd, president and chief creative officer of Kate Spade New York, described working with these forces of fashion as "a joy." "This fun and unique group of women embody our Kate Spade New York girl in a truly smart and playful way," she said. Packed with humor and life lessons, Kate Spade’s Miss Adventure series has become a holiday tradition we’ve grown to anticipate each year — and the casting is always on-point. These ladies join the ranks of last year’s delightful star: the one-woman show that is Anna Kendrick (though Mamet did guest star previously). Also, you can’t deny that “a Girls star, a Man Repeller, and a pig walking into an elevator” has the potential for a truly great punchline.

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