Exclusive: Anna Kendrick Gets Mistaken For Someone Else…Often

It might seem safe to assume that most people in your social circle would know who Anna Kendrick is. They’ve watched Pitch Perfect at least once on HBO, right? That's not the case in the second installment of Kate Spade New York’s #Missadventure series, in which someone clearly missed the the flick and assumes Kendrick is someone else entirely. And, as she tells us, that’s not such a far cry from what happens in her own life. Dressed in Kate Spade New York's signature brand of prep, whimsy, and quirky prints, Anna fakes her way though a meditation session in the video above, but in real life, the actress divulged that she's all too familiar with cases of mistaken identity — although, she doesn't entirely mind if you ask her about her work on House of Cards.  Watch the episode for an exclusive first look at Kendrick's — not Zoe Barnes', or Beca Mitchell's, for that matter — latest Kate Spade New York #missadventure. And, read our one-on-one with the Anna, below.
You seem to be traveling with a lot of stuff in the video. Lay out your IRL version of your perfect travel outfit — one you'd wear if paparazzi weren't allowed to take pictures at the airport. 
"If I knew that paparazzi weren't going to be there I honestly think I might just wear one of those adult onesies and call it a day. But, even then, I don't want sideways glances from the TSA, I guess, so I'd still go with jeans and a nice jacket and pack away plenty of snacks in a big tote."

The video series is called #Missadventure. Can you recall your biggest sartorial
misadventure to date?

"My favorite sartorial misadventures are from my early youth. My mom let me wear whatever I wanted and sometimes that meant I had a sequined tutu on at school like it was no big deal."

What's your favorite style faux pas (like bras over T-shirts or mixing black and brown) that you actually love?
"Someone told me when I was young that pink and red was basically the worst fashion mistake you could make, which prompted me to wear it all the time."

According to the video,  pink is the color of the most positive energy in the world. So, what's the most positive print?
"Ha! The most positive print has to be polka dots. You can't have a bad day in polka dots."

Outside of this video, have you ever been put in a position in which someone's clearly mistaken you for someone else?
"I get mistaken for Kate Mara from House of Cards quite a bit. It's always very flattering because I adore her. Once a journalist asked me if I liked the variety of doing dark shows like House of Cards and musicals like Into The Woods. I told him he was thinking of Kate Mara. He said, 'Oh, of course, it's your sister who's in that.' So, I guess technically I was mistaken for Rooney Mara as well. Not a bad day for me."

Finally, the Kate Spade New York collection is bright, playful, and feminine. It's quite a departure from Beca's style in Pitch Perfect. What's the most important style lesson you've learned from Beca's personality, and what's the best tip you've pick up from your work with Kate Spade New York?

"Beca wears her clothes like armor; when she gets dressed in the morning she's ready for a fight. Kate Spade wants to dress you to get ready for the day to be beautiful and unexpected. Both are lovely concepts to me."

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