Breaking Down The Weird But Compelling Style Of The Gilmore Girls

Photo: Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images
When pictures and video started leaking from the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, we had so many questions: Why is Rory still hanging out with various men she met as a teenager? What was up with Lorelai’s mirroring of Luke, wearing dingy plaid in the bright outdoors? And most importantly, why was St. John fan Emily Gilmore, the very definition of a sharp, tailored Chanel suit, in — the horror! — jeans?
Whether or not you’ve spent the entire six hours with A Year in the Life just yet, you’ve likely had the chance to reminiscence, catch up, or introduce yourself to the Gilmore girls in all their twee sartorial glory, and its shades of Connecticut, all things prep school, or that period in Taylor Swift’s life when she was dating a Kennedy. But what does it really mean, all these years later, when Lorelai is in florals? When Rory is a vision in navy blue? When Emily is a regal queen? Ahead, we broke down some of the series' most significant fashion moments, and boy, did we have some thoughts. Spoilers, naturally, ensue.

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