Forget First Impressions — These Jackets Help You Make A Great Last One

Of all the things that keep you up at night, it's the things you didn't say that can cause the most anxiety. It's that wished-for comeback to a rude comment on the train, or that closing remark you made at your brother's wedding last week. It's that last thing you could have said to cap off the best first date of your life, or the insight you should have given during last week's check-in meeting. Final statements are important ones, and in a time and climate where I personally need a little help in gaining the chutzpah to say the right things, it helps to wear those intentions on my sleeve. Or, more specifically, on my back.
One of the resounding street style trends during these past Fashion Weeks was jacket-back art. Fashion Week mostly consists of people running away from things because they're late for the next thing, or sitting in front of (or behind) various people — which means that most people spend a lot of time staring at other people's backs. From the pointed and political to the whimsical and nonsensical, back art helps you get the last word in on your own terms, even if you didn't think you had the wherewithal to say it.
Click through to see all the forms of jacket-back art at this year's shows, ranging from jacket-text's punk roots to more avant-garde statements.

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