How YA Book Covers Have Changed To Appeal To The Youths

Photo: Courtesy of Scholastic.
In the endless online waves of '90s nostalgia, kids' books have been largely ignored. Sure, we might take a moment to remember the Mary GrandPré illustrations that dominated Harry Potter merchandise before they were replaced with stills from the films.
But '90s book covers played a part in some of our most exciting moments from elementary and middle school. They filled the pages of the glorious Scholastic book order forms. They were on the hastily assembled shelves at the school book fair. They were what the Game Boy-less among us brought on long car trips.
So let's celebrate the illustrations and graphics that convinced us to pick up stories about a society without love and tales of best friends who would love each other forever. We promise you'll spend Thanksgiving trying to dig old favorites out of your childhood bedroom.
Click through to see the titles that got you through your awkward years, and how they look on the bookshelves (or, in some cases, Kindle shelves) of today's kids and teens.

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